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Jupiter Pondless Waterfall


If you have a yard with space constraints, a small Jupiter pondless waterfall construction may be your best option for enjoyment of the soft sound and sight of water cascading over natural stone boulders.

Just as the name states, a pondless waterfall in Jupiter, FL is essentially self-contained with a basin that catches recirculated water. It is frequently referred to as a disappearing fountain because the water reservoir is hidden underground.

A disappearing fountain may be a perfect option for your yard because:

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As local Jupiter pondless waterfall contractors with years of experience, we can provide an installation that looks natural, blends in with most any architectural style, and usually in a space where it can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors.

Call Big Jake’s Landscaping for a Jupiter pondless waterfall to bring natural beauty to your outdoor living spaces!

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Jupiter Outdoor Water Features


We can create and construct Jupiter outdoor water features that provide both visual beauty and a true sensory occurrence.

While our fountainscapes are extremely popular for front yard installations, we also offer more naturalistic options for backyards with the use of all types of materials including wood and stone.

These are examples of our Jupiter outdoor water features:

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If you are a homeowner missing the sound of moving water, a babbling brook, or the relaxing ambience of a waterfall, we can create your own private paradise without the cost of living on waterfront property.

Call us today to begin a dialogue for creating that peaceful gathering area for friends and family, or your own private sanctuary.

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Jupiter Pondless Waterfalls


Included among our specialties is creating dynamic Jupiter pondless waterfalls on steep hillsides that are prominently located throughout the neighborhoods of the city.

We are Jupiter pondless waterfalls professionals with the gift of artful and creative craftsmanship for building custom waterscapes, fountainscapes and hardscapes that provide naturalistic enhancements to both front and backyards.

Known also as disappearing fountains, our creations can take on a naturalistic look with a basin that can be covered with river rock or other stone that allows the water to pass through.

These are a few important details about our constructions:

  • Available sizes: 6 ft x 7 ft; or 9 ft x 12 ft
  • Built with natural stone boulders
  • Self-contained
  • Aesthetically pleasing for most any architectural style
  • Minimal maintenance

Call Big Jake’s Landscaping for constructing Jupiter pondless waterfalls with custom features designed just for you!

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