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Jupiter Landscape Lighting


With the advent of outdoor living spaces, Jupiter landscape lighting systems have become central to highlighting fountainscapes, hardscapes, and architectural designs.

We provide professional installations of outdoor LED landscape lighting in Jupiter, FL that serve a variety of purposes:

  • Safety and security
  • Creating a warm and inviting ambience for outdoor entertaining
  • Accenting the architectural features of your home
  • Emphasizing hardscape elements and softscapes

Our expert design and installation of Jupiter landscape lighting are highly acclaimed by residents we have served. We use only premium quality fixtures and materials, pay meticulous attention to details, and provide unparalleled quality services.

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Jupiter Garden Lights


While LED lights are commonly used as accent illumination of architectural structures, hardscapes, steps, and pool decks, our installations of LED Jupiter garden lights are remarkably efficient and effective for emphasizing individual settings and winding pathways to reach them.

Our Jupiter garden lights generally falls within these categories, or in combination:

  • Commercial Landscape Lighting
  • Residential Landscape Lighting
  • Low voltage landscape lighting
  • Solar landscape lighting
  • Landscape path lighting

If you have winding pathways and beautiful fountainscapes in your backyard, installing Jupiter garden lights with careful positioning can enhance safety and create an inviting ambience and intrigue to your setting.

Where are the best places to locate them? We can come out to assess your property and point out areas and methods for creating magnificent effects throughout your outdoor spaces and along pathways. During our assessment, we can also provide options for applications such as security, silhouette techniques, or methods that offer 360-degree enjoyment from any viewpoint.

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Jupiter Landscaping Lights


As specialists, we emphasize the importance of professional Jupiter landscaping lights installations.

We use premium quality LED fixtures that are all metal, such as copper, steel with unique finishes, bronze or aluminum that offer a long life for all Jupiter landscaping lights. While they may look conceptually the same as the more modestly-priced fixtures offered by large home improvement stores, our systems are of superior quality to ensure performance over years of service and a range of climate conditions.

With the use of environmentally friendly and cost-efficient LED systems, you can anticipate lower energy costs, greater durability than using Halogens, a long life calculated in years rather than hours, and low maintenance.

While some homeowners may feel qualified to do so, these are a few reasons to call us for your Jupiter landscaping lights installation:

  • LED landscape lights
  • Automatic landscape lights
  • Commercial landscaping lightings
  • Retaining wall lights
  • Low voltage garden lights

Call Big Jake's Landscaping to create the perfect Jupiter landscaping lights for your outdoor living spaces.

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