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Jupiter Outdoor Fountain


We provide a range of design, construction and material options including recirculating outdoor fountains in Jupiter, FL that incorporate the use of a hidden in-ground reservoir.

As a creative Jupiter outdoor fountain builder with highly skilled technicians, our focus is completely on you and your project to ensure our work is an accurate reflection of you and your vision.

These are a few considerations for your review:

  • Outdoor water fountain
  • Wall fountain outdoor
  • Waterfall fountain outdoor
  • Outdoor fountain ideas
  • Modern outdoor fountain
  • Rock fountain outdoor

Our bubbling water features are subtle, placing an emphasis on the beauty of the Jupiter outdoor fountain itself and its unique design accents.

Call Big Jake's Landscaping to learn more about our craftsmanship and design of Jupiter outdoor fountain .

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Jupiter Decorative Water Fountains


We have professional experience installing some of the most beautiful Jupiter decorative water fountains for outdoor enjoyment in the area.

While our design expertise has few limitations, at the request of our clients, many of our designs tend to embrace quiet, tranquil and serene properties, placing the emphasis on the beauty of its unique features rather than on the water or spectacular lights.

Our desire is to create the ambience that you are seeking, whether focusing on adding aesthetic appeal to your outdoor living spaces, creating a garden pathway focal point, providing a private spa retreat, creating a natural habitat setting, or adding beautiful stone elements to accommodate the sound of moving water through Jupiter decorative water fountains.

The choices are plentiful, and can be placed nearly anywhere in your front or backyard, near the entrance to your home, in your garden, or on your deck or patio:

  • Single or multi-tiered textured bowls
  • Ceramic urns
  • Jars
  • Glazed pots
  • Stacked rocks and tiers
  • …and more

Call Big Jake's Landscaping to schedule the beginning of your design and location process for Jupiter decorative water fountains.

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Jupiter Fountain Scapes


We are well known in the area for our creative Jupiter fountain scapes ideas and completed works of art.

These modestly sized and rather unique water features combine the lovely sights and soothing bubbling sounds to architectural elements that range from rustic appeal to timeless elegance when perfectly located and positioned in your landscape:

  • Standalones
  • Bubbling urns
  • Texturized bowls
  • Ceramic pots or jars
  • Stacked flat rock
  • Columns and basins

The simplest design placed in a garden near your outdoor living spaces can become a haven for butterflies and birds seeking refreshment. We know how to create bubbling Jupiter fountain scapes that appear natural in the surrounding landscape.

Call Big Jake's Landscaping to learn how we can design and build an extraordinary Jupiter fountain scapes that will enhance and beautify your landscape!

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